Why choose uPVC?

Known as the “green building material”, uPVC, or Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride, is revolutionizing the construction industry by helping to create more eco-friendly buildings. By reducing our dependency on wood, uPVC helps to promote the conservation of our forests. Indeed, for every 6,000 MT of uPVC Windows and Doors we produce, 32,000 hectares of forest are preserved! Compared to aluminum, uPVC also maximizes energy-saving insulation, which reduces your energy bill and helps protect our precious natural resources. Anton uPVC Windows and Doors are the smarter choice for those who truly treasure nature and who want to build more environmentally conscious offices, hotels, apartments, factories and homes.


We can manufacture customized uPVC Doors & Windows, according to your requirement. Please leave us your details so we could to arrange our Engineer for site visit.